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What to look for When Buying a New TV

What to look for when buying a new TV


Well I've been in the trade for 45 years now and it has changed beyond recognition to when I came into the trade in 1972. I still get a lot of people say to me 'I can't keep up with it all, can you tell me what TV to Buy?'

So I'm going to try to give you some idea's on buying a TV. The first thing I will say is use your Ears and your Eyes. What I mean by that is always go and look at a Television and also listen to the Television. There are so many deals on the internet and in shops snfyou could spend a lot of money and regret your putchase.

Try to look and listen to a TV IN A SHOW ROOM Before you ORDER THAT MAKE AND MODEL ON LINE

Lets start with the Picture on a TV. I expect everyone has got their own idea of a good picture on a TV, but if you follow these few stepstThey will help you in selecting the Right Television for You.

First of all, as I said at the beginning, you need to look at the picture. You will find that a lot of show rooms work TV's on a DVD being feed to all of them so you get the perfect Picture. Yyou can tell this because they are all showing the same picture.


Ask if you can have the TV you like plugged into an aerial so this would be the picture you would be watching at home. The next thing is while it is on the Aerial, change the channel on the TV from channel 1 to channel 101.

You will find they are both BBC 1 channels but what you are doing is changing the TV between Standard viewing to HD. When you change between channels 1 and 101 you should see a great difference in the picture quality.


You would not see this difference unless its on an aerial signal

Step 2

Yes, look at the picture head on but also look at the picture from different angles. You will be suprised at the differences.

You also be bombarded with information about 4K Television


which is the step up From HD. But when you start asking questions about the format you will find that you will have to subscribe to BT Sport at the moment to watch 4k Television as BBC or ITV are not using 4K to transmit their TV Pictures.


When you take your TV home you will NOT get this service on normal Terrestrial Television Signal

Wel,l I could also go down the road of pixel drop out and different grades of panels but at the end of the day its what you like that matters!

Let's talk about the sound on a Television. As we said at the beginning of this page you need to listed to the sound as well.


Because you will find the sound on a modern day television is very tinny. The problem with the modern day television isthat they have made the televisions so thin.


The Speakers in a modern day television are about the size of an old fashioned transistor radio.


The size of the speaker has been reduced so, no resonance in the sound, no base. But don't worry because the trade has come up with the sound bar.


The sound Bar is a separate system of speakers that you add to your television. This means larger speakers are used and are located in chambers to give you a better sound. But there again they all sound different so its best to listen to a few before you add one to your TV purchase.

One of the biggest problems we get when setting up a new TV is that the new TV's only have 1 scart connection or NO scart connection on the back.


On your old TV there would have been multi Scart Connections.


On the new TV you will find they have been replaced by multi HDMI Connections


Now you might think why would this worry me. Ok the problem is that the old DVD Player you have only has a scart connection. That old sky Box that you use for Freesat only has a Scart connection and that old Video that you use to play old video tapes only has a Scart Connection.

So you can see you have brought a new TV but opened a can of worms! The best way to get around this problem is to make sure you have 1 Scart socket on your new TV then you can plug your old video in plus the old freesat box.

With the DVD Problem you will have to upgrade your DVD to a Blue Ray Payer that works on a HDMI Lead. Don't worry Blue Ray DVD's will Play all your old DVD's plus your New ones.