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Water Damage in Sky or Aerial Cable

On this web page you will find good information on aerial and sky cable problems. One of the biggest problems that you can get with aerial or satellite cable is water getting in


If you take your aerial plug out of your TV or unscrew your "F" connector from your satellite equipment and see RUST or even water coming out of the cable, then water is getting into your aerial satellite cable

Picture of dish output f connectors covered in rust

So if you want to find the problem start at the top and work your way down, If you have a aerial system then start by checking your aerial cap is still on the aerial . This sits on top of the Dipole of the aerial and is normally black with the aerial cable coming out of it . Some times birds peck them off or they just fall off in the wind .You can do this with a pair of binoculars

Picture of aerial on pole

Or if its a satellite cable problem, unscrew the cables off the LNB and check that there is no rust in the "F" connectors or on the connections on the LNB.

Picture of sky dish Picture of rusted f connections

Picture of aerial ,satellite ,cable, over the guttering

We also find problems if the installer has taken the aerial cable over the side of the guttering instead of behind it. It rubs in the wind against the guttering and cuts the outer plastic on the aerial cable.

Picture of cable damage from gutter

You can also find bad joins in the cable like below or bad repairs


Also follow the cable down the wall to see if you can see any cuts in the cable.

Picture of aerial wall plate

Then check the wall plate See that the connections are good and that it has no water or RUST in it .

You may find where the water is getting into the cable you may need to re-cable and this might mean working at hights or you maybe you cant find where the water is getting in .

We hope this infomatio helps but dont leave it to long as water and Electricity dont mix

So please contact us with the contact infomation at the bottom of this web page so we can arrange for an engineer to call to solve this problem . Or just click on the link