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Ladder Work Health & Safety

When an aerial or satellite dish needs installing I'm sure that you are going to reach for the ladders. Yes, ladders are a tool that are normally used for this purpose! You may say that you are only putting an aerial in the loft space but even putting an aerial there needs the use of step ladders. Every care should be taken when using any sort of ladder.

The main problem is trying to make that ladder a safe working platform to work off. Let us first look at using a ladder on an outside wall of your home. Always try to secure the bottom of the ladder with a ratchet strap or a car wheel - just something to stop the bottom of the ladder kicking out.

Try and secure the top of the ladder as well. You need that ladder to be secure as possible when you are using it to install that satellite dish or aerial.

Before carrying out any aerial or satellite installation on a ladder you must say to yourself is the ladder you are using a safe working platform. Many accidents happen when climbing ladders - overreaching, overbalancing or slipping.