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How to install a smart TV to the internet

How to install a smart TV to work on catchup Broadband Pictures

OK. What will connecting your smart television or media box to the internet mean and how do you get it to work?


Picture of Smart TV

You have just bought your smart TV or media box and you want to connect it to the internet to get all the catch up services or subscription TV channels over the internet. Well, the first thing to do is make sure you are connected to the internet broadband.If you are not connected to the phone line with an internet connection you cannot go any further.

To connect a smart TV to broadband you will needa router that is connected to broadband


This should mean you have a router somewhere in your home. It should look something like the picture below.


Picture of router

The next question is; Do you have the speed in your internet connection to stream video. The internet speed is measured in Mega Bits per Second or Mbps.

You will need a speed of 2.5 Mbps to watch a picture thoughthe phone line. This means 2,500,000 bits of information per second coming though your phone line. If you do not get this speed the picture will stop and keep buffering and you will get a message like the picture below coming up on the TV screen.


Picture of Buffering Logo

The best way to see what speed your internet is working at is to go onto a web site that measures your internet speed.


Picture of Broadband speed program

Or, connect to BBCI player on a laptop and see if you get a lot of buffering or a smooth run of picture.


Picture of I Player Logo

If you get a good speed then you're ready to go. If you do not get a good speed then you will need to contact your internet service provider. Ask them if they can increase your speed or maybe see if they have fibre in your area. After you have established that you have an internet connection and you have the right speed to work broadband TV, the next thing to look at is how are you going to connect your Smart TV or whatever else you are trying to connect, to the internet. There are two ways to do this;

The first is by WI-FI;

Picture of WI-FI Logo

This is by using wireless waves, so no cables are used. The second is by using an Ethernet cable to connect your router to the Smart TV.

Picture of Ethernet cable

If you go down the road of the WI-FI connection you have to make sure that the device you are trying to connect to the internet has WI-FI built into it or you have a WI-FI Dongal you can fit to the device.

A Dongal is a WI-FI transmitter receiver so it can talk to your router without any cables. Once you have established that you have a WI-FI connection in your smart TV or whatever else you your trying to connect, you will need to go into the setup menu of the smart TV or device and go to where it says connect to network.


Picture of a Smart TV setup menu for internet connection

Then follow the instructions to search for your WI-FI network in your house.

Picture of Smart TV finding what networks can be used

Once you have found your network you will probably have to insert a security key or password. This will allow your smart TV to talk to your network. When you first installed your router you would have put this key into your system. See if you have made a note of it some where. Without this key code or security code you wont be able to use a WI-FI connection. If you have a BT router you may find the security number on a sticker on the bottom of the router .



You can see on this sticker the security or web key is

If you cannot find your security key you could call your network provider and see if they have it on record


Picture of menu used to put security code into Smart TV

Once you have put the security key into the menu this should allow you to connect to the broadband in your house and will allow you to watch broadband TV.

If you try and you cannot find you security key the best way to get the system working is by using an Ethernet cable because when you use a Ethernet cable you do not need to put the security key into the smart TV or media box to get it to work on broadband.

When using WI-FI you may have problems with the strength of your internet signal. It could mean that your router may be in another part of the house and when the signal from the router gets to the room where you have your smart TV it could be too weak to work.

So, to combat this problem you can use an Ethernet cable. One end plugs into the router and the other plugs into the smart TV or the media box you trying to connect to the internet.

Picture of Ethernet cable
You can also use a device called a broadband extender which you plug into your mains socket near to your router and this will use the electric ring mains of the house to extend your internet connection from the router into another room to where your smart TV is. This system works ok as long as you don't have 2 ring mains in the house
Picture of Broadband extenders

Picture of how Broadband extenders
are plunged in

If you find you cannot connect your new Smart tv to the internet, please contact us on the contact information at the bottom of this web page to book an engineer in or click on this link to go to our contact information