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How to get and put that Code into your Sky Remote Control

The first thing to think about when replacing a sky remote control is that there are 3 different types of sky remote. You have to make sure you buy the right one as if you buy the wrong one for your sky box model it will not work The 3 sky remote controls are as follows

If you have a black box and it records and looks like the box below
Picture of sky HD box


Picture of a Sky HD Remote Control

You will need a Sky HD Remote Control Silver in Colour

The Sky Box below is the Sky plus

Box it records and its normally grey in colour

Picture of sky plus box

The sky remote that fits this one is like the picture below


Picture of a Sky Plus Remote Control

Sky Plus Box Remote Control Grey in Colour

Sky Standard Box

Picture of sky standard box

The sky remote control for this sky box looks like the picture below


Picture of a Sky Standard Remote Control

The Standard Sky Remote Control is black or blue in colour.

So the Sky Remote Controls are Sky HD, Sky Plus and Sky Standard.

When you have brought a new sky remote control First job to do is put the batteries in


Picture of sky remote control showing battery compartment

At first you will find it will change the channels on the sky box but will not turn the volume up or down on your TV or turn the TV on or off.


Picture of sky remote control showing the volume control

This is because you need to put a 4 digit code into the sky remote control that represents the make and model of your TV. But where do you get this code from?

Sometimes you get a code book with the new sky remote control when you buy it but a lot of time you don't. You could call Sky and get the code from them, but as we know it can take a long time to get an answer!

So below is a way to get the 4 digit code. Before we go ahead to the next part of the topic you will need to look at the back of your television and write down the make and model as you will need this later.


Picture of back of television showing the model number of the television

To start turn your television and sky box on so you have sky on the screen of your TV. You then press the interactive button on the top right of your sky remote control.

Picture showing where interactive button is on sky remote control

This will take you into a menu that asks what you need. Move the cursor to Customer Services or Sky Help and support and press select. Move the cursor to Program your Sky Remote and press select.

You next come to 2 questions. Move your cursor to the one on the right using the arrow on you sky remote control to I don't know my code then press select. The next question is Rev 8 or Rev 9. Move your cursor to Rev 8 then press select again. The next menu shows all the makes of televisions down the left hand part of the screen. Move down with the cursor, highlight your make of your television and press select on you sky remote control.

This will then bring up a list of all the models of the makes of televisions. Move your cursor down the list with the down arrow on you sky remote. When you have highlighted the model you want press select on your sky remote. You will then be given a 4 digit code which you need to write down for future reference. If you look on the back of the battery flap of the sky remote you will see there's a place to write it down for future reference.

Picture showing where you can write your model code in the flap of the battery compartment of the sky remote control

OK, if you are still with me you now should have a 4 digit code which you need to put into your sky remote control to work your TV. You start by pressing the TV button once on the sky remote control and then press select and the red button at the same time

Picture showing the buttons to be pressed on the sky remote control

The red light on the top of the sky remote should now flash 2 times. This means the sky remote will accept the code now so key in the 4 digit code and press TV again. Your sky remote control should now be set up for your TV. Try it by pressing the vol up and down and see if it works.

Video on how to get codes for Sky Remote Controls

Video Below on how to get the Code for your Standard or Sky Plus Remote Control

Video on how to get codes for Sky Remote Controls

Video on how to put the code into your Sky Remote Control

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